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Our Goal

Our goal is to provide traders of all experience levels with unbiased information and resources to form a solid base of knowledge to improve trading decisions. We our chart setups and resources to help people make informed trades. We also provide all of the resources that we use, so that people can easily do what we do themselves.

Our Team


Danny is a Civil Engineering student from Ottawa. He has been trading for 2 years, and focuses on Canadian stocks and the marijuana sector, and frequently day trades Nasdaq stocks.

Said is a Software Engineering student from Ottawa. Said has experience developing apps, websites and programs and applied his knowledge to bring 1Stop to fruition. Said takes care of all technical aspects of 1StopTrading, such as adding new features and maintaining the site.

Khaled is an Electrical Engineering student from Ottawa. Khaled has been trading for 2 years as well, however with a focus on American technology stocks. Khaled also focuses on high dividend yield stocks, as well as day trading Nasdaq stocks.

I Would like to Contribute, How Can I Join the Team?

We are not currently adding new members from the team, as we have just begun rolling out the site, and our top priority is to make a high-quality site. As our site develops, and begins to gain more users, we will consider adding other traders to our team. For more information, feel free to contact Danny on .

1StopTrading Disclaimer

Trading stocks involves risk, and all users should understand the level of risk they are entering when making a trade. We are not investment advisors or professionals. Content on our site are ideas only, and do not constitute a buy or sell recommendation. Always do your own research and speak to an investment advisor before proceeding with a trade. All trades are done at the user’s own discretion. We are not liable for any losses incurred from any trades that users may perform. Our content is not investment or trading advice and should be used for educational purposes only.

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